Contemporary Adaptability of Plastic Arts of the Qiang People under Cultural Context


Studies on the Creation Art of the Qiang Nationality written by Zhang Ben, analyzes the creation art of the Qiang nationality from three aspects: nature, economy and society of the Qiang nationality. The cultural connotation of the creation art of the Qiang Nationality are rich. It not only reflects the development characteristics of the Qiang society in different historical periods, but also a comprehensive product of geographical environment and primitive religious worship. The research and discussion on the art of the Qiang will help people understand the laws and social values of the development of the art of the Qiang. It has an especially positive historical and practical significance for the protection and development of the Qiang culture after the earthquake.


Higham, C.F.W.; Guangmao, X., and Qiang, L., 2011. The prehistory of a Friction Zone: first farmers and hunters-gatherers in Southeast Asia. Antiquity, 85(328), 529-543.


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