Analysis and Innovation of the Supply System of Rural Sports Public Products in China


To explore the innovative path in rural sports public service supply, analysis was made in basic characteristics of social and economic development and movement of population, rural residents’ participation in sports and sports public service supply in Dabie Mountain Area of Anhui Province. As a result, we found that the pursue of macro-control and allocation on rural sports public resource and innovation of sports public service supply mode with strengthening of government dominance are the innovative path. Through promoting government purchasing, cultivating pluralistic-supplied subjects, encouraging non-government positive participation, building rural sports town with distinctive characteristics, creating convenient flowing fitness path and establishing rural primary sports development committee, path in sports fitness guidance service is widened, rapid development of rural sports is promoted, finally contributing to realization of Chinese dream.


Xiao, H., 2008. Research into the equalization development of public sports service under the context of harmonious society. Journal of Chengdu Sport University, 5.


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