Traditional Culture Art Form and Digital Media Art Design


The traditional culture of our country has a long history. In modern design, we should fully explore the essence of traditional culture and widely use various excellent traditional arts and cultural forms and symbols to draw rich nourishment from it. Through the proper application of digital media, traditional culture can be inherited and developed with its shape and meaning. Although the development of digital technology has a great impact on the traditional culture and art forms, it objectively imposes a variety of thinking dimensions and development space for traditional culture. Therefore, based on a brief introduction of the related basic concepts of digital media art, this article discusses the mutual integration between traditional culture and art forms and digital media art in detail. Finally, from two aspects of static design and dynamic design, it focuses on the concrete application of traditional culture and art forms in digital media art design. The author hopes that the textual research will be of certain reference value to the theoretical research and practical exploration of digital media art design in our country.


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