Harvesting the sea: the exploitation of marine resources in the Roman Mediterranean


Despite the importance of marine resources in Classical antiquity, systematic analysis has been lacking. Scholarship has focused on specific aspects: for example, the production of salted fish products (for example, R. I. Curtis, Garum and Salsamenta: production and commerce in materia medica [Brill, 1991]); fish-ponds (J. Higginbotham, Piscinae: artificial fishponds in Roman Italy [University of North Carolina Press, 1997]); evidence for fishing techniques (T. Bekker-Nielsen and D. Bemal Casasola [eds], Ancient Nets and Fishing Gear: proceedings of the international workshop on 'Nets and fishing gear in Classical antiquity: a first approach' [University of Cadiz/Aarhus University Press, 2007]).


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