Multi-dimensional Analysis of the Application of Chinese Traditional Elements in Contemporary Cultural Creativity


China has a long history. With the development of time and the baptism of years, a variety of traditional elements with unique Chinese characteristics have been left, injecting continuous vitality into contemporary cultural creativity. Cultural creativity contributes to the innovative integration and application of diverse cultures. With the premise of creativity and the purpose of promoting cultural connotation, it is committed to enhancing the cognition and identification of diverse cultures by audiences. Traditional Chinese element as the core, this paper firstly analyze the feasibility of Chinese traditional elements used in contemporary cultural creativity, and on this basis, analyze the application forms of Chinese traditional elements in contemporary culture creativity, including the application of elements of Chinese traditional images, Chinese traditional art expression elements as well as the Chinese traditional ideological connotation in contemporary cultural creativity, and further explore the application measures of Chinese traditional elements in contemporary culture creativity, analyze the application of Chinese traditional elements in contemporary cultural creativity multi-dimensionally.


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