A note on Quintus Curtius and Gellius in TCD MS 602


My present contribution aims to address this gap. I will
attempt to analyse the ways in which these two texts departed
from their usual Continental circulation and reached this unique
Insular witness, and I will consider the possibility that the two
texts might have crossed the Channel together. The Dublin
manuscript is in fact a key document for reconstructing the
circulation of two classical authors at a time when (almost
certainly) neither text was otherwise available in England. More
specifically, I will argue that a) Du exhibits a text of Curtius that could plausibly go back to Thomas Becket’s manuscript, which seems to be the first copy of this text to have reached England; b) it is the oldest direct witness for the Insular circulation of Gellius 9–20, in this case, too, with a possible (if not conclusively demonstrable) connection to Becket’s library. Nonetheless, in both cases a firm and definitive conclusion seems to be out of reach, and Du’s position in the transmission of the two works remains somewhat unclear.


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