New Findings on Seven Hundred Years of the Ancient Commentators


To the great joy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, the loyal philosophical subjects were signified on 14 June 2014, with her purpose of conferring the honor of Knighthood on Richard Sorabji – “for services to Philosophical Scholarship”. Most apparently, Sir Richard’s multiple services, being familiar to Her Majesty, has been the conception and production of the series of Ancient Commentators on Aristotle, a series which now concludes more than a hundred volumes and which was disciptived in the Times Literary Supplement as “a truly breath-taking achievement, with little parallels in the history of scholarly endeavor”. The first volume of the series was published in 1987. Sequently, a companion volume comes into being in 1990 – during which time a large amount of essays entitled Aristotle are transformed. However, 2016 was noted by a more extensive sequel, during which time the brotherly name of Aristotle Re-interpreted is received, and was combined with a second edition of its elder sibling.1


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