Electoral Strategy in the Ancient Rome: Case Study of Com- Mentariolum Petitionis


At the end of the book, it is shown in the introduction and editorial notes that the dense volume descriptively titled Classics and Communism came to life as part of the international research project “Gnóthiseauton Classics and Communism. The History of the Studies on Antiquity in the Context of the Local Classical Tradition in the Socialist Countries 1944/45‒1989/90”. The Focus Group project lasts from 2009-2010 at Collegium Budapest, meaning to explore the past records of post-World War II classical philology in what were then the Socialist countries. There are also contributions from a Slovenian Research Agency project, the Department of Classical Philology at the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Arts, and the Faculty of Artes Liberales at the University of Warsaw. The research indicates the life and work of remarkable classicists. During the second phase, a devised follow-up announcement will indicate the results, and extend the concentration to take in educational policy on educating Latin and Greek and the popularisation of ancient history and theatre under Communism.


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