War, Democracy and Culture in Classical Athens.


In the developing discourse of Greek military history, Sparta receives the lion's share of scholarly attention, and it is not hard to see why. Sparta adopted a social system aimed at the production of professional warriors (Thuc. 2.39.1-4; Xen. Lac. Pol . 7.1-6, 11.1-11) much feared by their contemporaries (Lys. 15.17; Thuc. 4.34.1) whose tactical abilities underpinned stunning victories such as 1st Mantineia in 418 BC (Thuc. 5.66.1-74.3) and Nemea in 394 BC (Xen. Hell. 4.2.13-23). And her achievements were not merely terrestrial. and her lack of nautical expertise 4.12.3, 8.96.5), 'hoplite' Sparta successfully superpower in order to win the and the subsequent hegemony of 32, 2.3-23).


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